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Mystical Magical & Metaphysical is a source for seekers. We provide resources and information on the mystical and the magical and the metaphysical including spiritual awakening, the afterlife, alternate worlds and dimensions, and igniting your soul. We strive to help you answer difficult questions such as

“what is my life’s purpose?” 

“Is there more?”

“What is the key to happiness?”

“Where did my love go when he/she died?”

What happens when I die?


You have found this website for a reason. It is not a coincidence that you are here. Most likely you are seeking answers and your soul craves more. When we start to open our eyes and become awakened to a greater reality it can be exciting, enlightening, uplifting, but also at times confusing, conflicting and difficult. Allow yourself to be open to the possibilities. Trust that the universe has your back. Believe in the Magic!

Your spiritual journey is just that, yours. Everyone’s journey is different, everyone is on their own path. Forgiveness and Compassion are the keys to living your life in joy, peace and love. As a wise teacher once said, “On earth as it is in heaven”. The hardest part is often finding forgiveness and compassion for yourself. You are truly loved.

The MyMaMet e-book is a 143+ page collection of information and internet links for websites, YouTube videos, documentaries, podcasts, etcetera, on Exploring the Afterlife, Spirituality and Healing Grief.

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