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The MyMaMet e-book  EXPLORING THE AFTERLIFE, SPIRITUALITY AND HEALING GRIEF is a collection of information and internet links for websites, YouTube videos, documentaries, podcasts, etcetra, that I have put together based on the research I did after my daughter died. After my beautiful daughter died suddenly I was in shock and despair. Where did she go? Sure, her body was gone. But what about the essence that was uniquely her? That beautiful free spirit who always seemed wise beyond her years with the great sense of humor and heart of gold? She couldn’t just be gone forever. I immediately began searching for her. I was drawn to certain groups, websites, videos. People and organizations related to the afterlife miraculously showed up in my path. I feverishly took it all in, holding onto what rang true for my soul and ignoring (and sometimes laughing at) the things that did not. So this collection is very dear to my heart and soul, for it saved me. It transformed me. I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to the people and organizations mentioned. Unfortunately, it is only the tip of the iceberg, and there are so many more that I have not yet included, hence the notation “Volume I”. It is by no means all-encompassing and decidedly slanted to information available in the English Language primarily from the USA and UK. If you know a source that is not listed, please contact us and let us know at


This e-book has been created for those willing to expand their minds and explore the mystical, magical and metaphysical. Please take from it what rings true for you and your soul and discard that which does not. The e-book briefly describes various aspects of the afterlife, continued consciousness, spirituality and associated evidence and research. After the death of my daughter, I zealously researched all things afterlife, searching for the evidence and proof that my daughter does indeed still exist. It helped answer the questions such as, Where is she? What is she doing? Why did she die? It helped me go from pain to peace. Despair to Hope. The e-book provides information on some of the best sources to launch or continue your own search and investigation. Website Links are provided to associated websites for the reader to continue their own research. Links are also provided to various videos and documentaries. There are also helpful lists.


This e-book is for not only those who have lost a loved one, but anyone who is a spiritual seeker or just interested in the topic. There is bound to be something you find helpful, interesting or entertaining. Even the skeptics may be pleasantly


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e-book MyMaMet Volume I Exploring the Afterlife, Spirituality and Healing Grief

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