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Research & Science

Most people who don’t believe in the Afterlife, Consciousness Survival or other psychic phenomena often think that those who do are gullible, whoo-whoo, new age hippies, ignorant of science and physics, or many other such stereotypes. However, if one does even a little research, one finds that many people in this field are highly educated scientists and doctors and other professionals. There is an abundance of scientific research and peer reviewed data. It is human nature to try to explain things away. For example, a skeptic might say that NDE’s are created by the brain’s lack of oxygen and the shutting down of the brain and body. (But that doesn’t explain the validations and the profound changes in people.) Cynics say that Astral Projection is lucid dreaming. (Again it doesn’t explain the validations.) The point is, there is always someway for a skeptic to easily dismiss phenomena without doing the research.


Years ago, people were not only ridiculed for various spiritual experiences or beliefs, they were burned as witches, put in mental wards, shunned by the community and the church, and other horrible treatments.


The good news is that the younger generations are more open to the coexistence of science and paranormal. And as more and more people have their own experiences, they are coming out in the open, free to speak their truth, and joining and supporting each other.


The research in the Afterlife and Consciousness is broad. Extending from the early skeptics testing of mediums in the 1800’s by the Society for Psychical Research in London, to modern day research into new ways to communicate with the otherside. There’s years of recently unclassified Government research in Remote Viewing and psychic awareness. The Division of Perceptual Studies (DOPS) at the University of Virginia has in-depth research in reincarnation. Parapsychology has become a field a study. There are many research centers, schools and organizations dedicated to topics of Consciousness, Spirituality and the Afterlife. Many books, papers and articles have been written. There are also many very good documentaries.

To list them all would be a herculean effort, however, I have attempted to include many websites and links and information in the e-book. To purchase the e-book, please click the link below.

“Both science and spirituality are trying to get at the truth using a different set of tools. I’ve come to appreciate that using one alone does not give you a full picture of the universe… science and spirituality are complimentary… they are both different ways of helping us understand ourselves and our role in the universe and you need to appreciate both approaches.”

-Dr. Bruce Greyson

Reseach & Science

“It’s so hubristic to think we know everything.”

- Annie Jacobsen

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